Board & Ski Tuning

We have the highest of standards when it comes to board / ski performance. If its a wax you need we have the ultimate from the team at STARWAX who have done the hard yards to provide you with the slickest ride you can get with a durable finish that lasts. With so many variables we offer a onsite assessment and quoting service so you get informed and educated on all the issues. Its our job to help you become the rider you want to be. 

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Tuning Prices
Our Signature Tune... THE WORKS
Tuned to perfection, The Works includes Structure, Polish, Edge Tune and our Performance Wax.
Performance Wax, Edges & Polish
One step up from our Wax, Edge & Polish. This performance wax will have you sliding more smoothly and quickly, it also lasts longer then your usual wax.
Wax, Edges & Polish
This is our most popular choice giving your board the love it needs to get you charging around the mountain.
5x Wax and Detune for New Equipment
Most new boards come with a factory wax we suggest soaking the pores to prolong board life so we "Five Times" 5 layers on and detune your tips and tails.
Wax & Edges$35
Performance Wax
One of those said above specialty waxes, a higher quality wax for a better finish.
Hot Wax 
Hot wax so you can send it! Speed is your friend you can ask about our layered and specialty waxes for the ultimate moist glide.
P-Tex Per Scratch$10
Edge Only $20
Grind Only$20
Structure Only$20



We specialise in Ski, Snowboard and Split board Repairs. Such as Patches, Edge Replacements, Sidewall Reconstruction and any major repairs will be quoted for free. Repairs include a 1 year money back guarantee, that's how confident we are!

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Repair Prices Staring From..
Base Welds/Core Shots
Ouch! Don't worry we're on it.
Drop Delamination
When delams take place you need to get it fixed properly and hastily, water logging can lead to bigger problems.
Top Sheet Glues
Using the best glues in the industry, Clean finish with the most aesthetically pleasing result.
When you thought that was the end.. The Snowboard Workshop to the rescue, its what we do
Edge Replacement
We follow a refined process to ensure the best quality replacement.

We use high quality Fluro free wax to be as eco-friendly as possible, along with specific wax types for different customers such as touring wax for Splits and touring skis

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